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Child Advocates Provides a Powerful Voice for Foster Children

Foster children are among the most vulnerable members of our community. Faced with the uncertainty and disappointment that comes from being uprooted from home, school, family and friends, they become part of an overburdened dependency system and, too often, slip through the cracks. 

Former foster youths, Sergio, Larissa, and Mayra share their stories, and the impact their CASAs provided.

Meet Sergio, former foster youth.  

"The greatest thing I've learned from my CASA is to believe in myself. She called frequently, helped with schoolwork, and brought new opportunities to my line of sight. I believe that every foster child should have an Advocate/mentor to lean on." --Sergio

Meet Larissa, former foster youth.

"The time I spent in foster care was the roughest time in my life, but Holly, my CASA, helped me get through it." --Larissa

Meet Mayra, former foster youth.


“Denise taught me that I had a voice, and that my voice mattered, that I am somebody. And now I go about my every day, confident.” --Mayra